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We are professional land consultants with years of fisheries and wildlife training and have worked as professional foresters and wildlife management conultants on dozens and dozens of projects across Iowa and northern Missouri over the past 25 years!  We’ve worked with specialists of the Iowa DNR on many projects. 

We’ve planted thousands of trees, planted thousands of acres of various food plots and native grasses, done thousands of acres of timber stand management, coordinated many timber sales, and have done LOTS of mowing too!  We’ve helped many, many, people realize their hunting and land ownership goals and dreams and have helped them grow giant bucks, big turkeys, and huge white oaks and walnuts to help them drastically increase the value and benefits of their land!

That’s some of our history.  We are now primarily a Land sales company. 

So, as you can see, we are not your average real estate agents or company!  We can back up our talk with plenty of Walk!

Not only do we have years of experience in wildlife and forestry management but we are professional Realtors and utilize the state’s powerful MLS system for our listings as well as this site (you may not realize this but many land selling agencies, if not most, don’t use the MLS system at all to help their clients sell faster)!  This is crazy!  Be sure to use an agency that employs the power of the MLS!  Why would a seller not want his  agent to use this system?  No reason!  Why would an agency not want to use the MLS system?  Simple:  because then they have to share some of the commission with another agency, that’s why!  If any agency tells you something different, don’t believe it!  Of course, you also have to pay a hefty annual fee to be professional members.  But, using the MLS can really help the seller and every seller should demand their agent to list their property on the MLS!  That is our take on this anyway:)

We work with all sorts of agencies and employ the full  power of the MLS system!

And, don’t forget, we are professional wildlife managers and forestry consultants with years of actual in-the-field experience on many sorts of projects.  Many of which had to pass full inspection but Iowa State DNR Specialists.  Again we do more walking than we do talking!

So why would you NOT want to list your Iowa Land with us?  With so much experience we can easily evaluate your land and tell you what it is worth.  Does your forestland have marketable timber?  Do you know how much it’s worth?  Does your agent know how to build this value into the value of your overall property?  Probably not.  

Let us evaluate your property and help you sell your property faster!  

Give us a call today at 641-919-9026 or email [email protected]