Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services exists to help landowners in several ways:

We want to help you increase the wildlife potential of your land.

  • We do this through various types of information that’s available on this website.
  • We also do this by personal, on-site, consultation and investigation of your land. We can direct you to what needs to be done to increase the wildlife potential of your land. We can sometimes carry out the necessary work for you or we can point you in the right direction to do it yourself and/or with the help of others.

We want to help you increase the value of your land.

  • We do this by helping you increase the wildlife potential of your land and by increasing the potential cash-flow.
  • We also do this by helping you to recognize value that may be going unrecognized or unutilized on your land. We can inspect your farm for you online and/or on-site. To whatever extent you would like help with this, we can help.

We want to help you sell your land at a fair market price.

  • We do this by inspecting your land and preparing a fair-market analysis so that we can establish the correct price.
  • Once this is done, we market your land for you with our extensive array of options.

We do EVERYTHING for you.    (The property gets listed on the MLS system!)

  1. We provide the fair-market analysis to establish a fair-market price.
  2. We investigate the farm so that we know all of it’s features.
  3. We are not only professional Realtors, that must follow a strict code of ethics as described by law, but we are also professional wildlife/land managers with years of experience. We know how to value woodlots. We know how to value CRP acres. We know how to value wetland and farm acres. Etc. Etc.,
  4. We have professional photography equipment that we use to take lots of professional quality images that we use to help market your property. We also do a video clip of the property where we show and discuss all of its features.
  5. We market on over 30 website that covers millions of potential buyers. We also market locally in local flier’s, newspapers, and brochures. We also may do radio ad’s (as deemed necessary).
  6. We take all of the phone calls and work pretty much round the clock!
  7. We do all the showings – often on the weekends.
  8. We handle all the negotiations. This is important. Deals often fall through if this is not handled correctly. We are professionals and putting deals together and have been doing this for many years!
  9. We handle the closing process: that means we not only do all of the paperwork but we shuffle all the paperwork around too!
  10. That means getting everything to the right place at the right time. We are talking about offer pages, disclosure documents, abstracts, title opinions, inspection reports, etc.; we ensure everything is done and that it is done in a timely fashion and that all documents end up being where they are supposed to be and at the right time!