Do you own a parcel of forestland in Iowa?

Maybe it’s a solid 100, 150, or even 200 acres.  Maybe it’s just 5 acres.  Maybe you have a farm with sections of timber scattered about.  (as is, most commonly the case).


 Are you tired of paying real estate taxes on land?  (Dumb question right?)


We’ll you don’t have to pay taxes on Iowa forestland acres!




Yes, you heard me correct.


If you do own some Iowa forestland and don’t want to pay taxes then, of course, you can’t just stop paying your real estate taxes.


There is an application.  Iowa Forest Reserve Law (brochure)  


But, in general, the rules are minimal and to many Iowa landowners the benefit of not having to pay real estate taxes on their forestland acres far outweigh the rules and stipulations that must be followed to reap the tax saving’s benefit.

To sign up, go to the county assessor’s office in the county in which you own the land.   Take a map of your property with you and circle all the areas you would like to enroll in the Iowa Forest Reserve Program.


Here are some of the basic criteria:

  • Must be at least 2 contiguous acres.

  • Must be at least 200 trees per acre (forestland), or 70 trees per acre (fruit trees).

  • must keep livestock out of the area.

There are some other minor stipulations as well regarding the Iowa Forest Reserve Program be sure to check those out on the link page above.  (from the Iowa DNR)