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  The harvests below were taken in recent years on lands managed by Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services LLC. We are your wildlife management and Iowa land sales headquarters!

photo of a 2010 Iowa buck harvest  photo of a 2010 Iowa buck harvest

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Rich Waite is a licensed real estate broker in Iowa and works as a Wildlife Habitat Specialist, as owner of Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services.  Rich is a member of the Southeast Iowa Board of Realtors, The Iowa Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.  Properties listed herein are listed under, through, and by, Midwest Property Sales, owned by Rich Waite. Both Midwest Propery Sales and Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services are located in Eldon, Iowa.

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Current Listings:  Click on text or scroll down to see full listings! Listed by county name.

 (Note: If you do not see the property you are looking for -- we can help you find it! Just give us a call. We keep tabs on land listings around the state and can probably help you find just what you want!



Appanoose Co, 12.9 Acres, m/l  --  This may very well be the perfect small hunting tract for you -- and a great building site too!   AVAILABLE! 


  • Davis Co, 1.3 Acres -- Amish built log cabin in awesome deer and turkey filled area! Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 13 Acres -- Solid Oak Timber Here! Great deer country! Power and water at road! Marketable Timber Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 40 Acres --- Solid Timber, remote and surrounded boy great habitat. Great region. Year-round stream. Solid whitetail parcel! Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 20 Acres -- Gorgeous remote timber surrounded by more big timber! Stocked pond! Great deer and turkey area!  Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 40 Acres -- Great parcel near huge refuge, with stocked pond and lots of timber and food plot acres....easy access, yet totally secluded! Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 60 Acres -- Great hunting and building parcel!  Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 170 Acres -- Great mix of habitats with upland and bottomland timber areas and upland fields. Easy access, great whitetail parcel! Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 175 -- Contiguous timber of gorgeous oak. Great building sites. 2 ponds. Many secluded food plots. Deer and turkey all over! Sold!    
  • Davis Co, 200 Acres -- Timber, CRP, food plots, apple trees, ponds -- big bucks and big bass -- great buy on this great deer and turkey farm!  Sold!    


  • Decatur Co, 97 Acres -- Gorgeous trophy whitetail and turkey parcel in one of the best areas of the state!! Sold!    


  • Henry Co, 40 Acres -- Solid timber in a great area for big bucks! Sold!    
  • Henry Co, 182 Acres -- Great heavily timbered parcel in a great area! Income too! Sold!    



  • Lee Co, 80 Acres-- Near Keokuk - Huge whitetails, trophy managed, 75% timber, creek, income, larger stocked pond, seclusion, building sites! Sold!    
  • Lee Co, 182 Acres Sold!    
  • Lee Co, 135 Acres Sold!    


 Marion County: 

  • 107 Acres -- Big Buck Slam Dunk! Just 40 minutes from Des Moines. Great building site. Established food plots -- Timber!  Sold!    


  • Monroe Co, 58 Acres -- Ideal Mix of timber and fields -- Super deer and turkey parcel in a super area! Sold!    
  • Monroe Co, 64 Acres, m/l -- Superb location for Building and For growing GIANT WHITETAILS! Sold!    
  • Monroe Co, 200 Acres -- Superb Big Monster Buck genetics, building areas and beauty -- stocked pond too! Sold!    



  • Van Buren Co, 40 Acres with Custom Home --  Beautiful custom-built builder's home overlooking 40 tremendous acres of whitetail paradise!  Sold!   
  • Van Buren Co, 80 Acres -- Gorgeous slice of whitetail heaven with overnight cabin! Sold!    
  • Van Buren Co, 315 Acres -- Looking for an AWESOME slice of whitetail PARADISE? Look no farther!!!! Sold!    
  • Van Buren Co, 60 Acres - Great 60 "Big Buck Acres" with great building area -- in a great trophy buck area! Sold!    
  • Van Buren Co, 386 Acres -- Spectacular mix of forest and tillable acres in an even better location! Sold!    
  • Van Buren and Jefferson Co, , 510 Acres -- Spectacular whitetail/turkey property with 3,000 sq foot home and 2400 sq foot pole building! Close to Fairfield! Big Views! Sold!    
  • Wapello Co, 47 Acres -- Great waterfowl and deer parcel (trophy managed deer area). Great income! Sold!    




  • Wayne Co, 100 Acres -- Sold!    

Warren County:

Brand New Listing!

Appanoose , 13 Acres, M/L -- ALL TIMBER (2.5 miles from Unionville, Iowa)

Easy Access - Great Building Sites -- Tremendous local deer and turkey population!

Marketable Timber -- Food plot spots, and more!

Priced at $49,900!

(That is less than the cost of many new pickup trucks these days! Which do you think will be worth more in a few years?)

 Note: the property across the road from this parcel is not as intrusive to this piece as it may appear here. Come check it out for yourself! There are a couple of great potential building sites from 25-150 yards off the road on those ridges! 

And Zero Taxes when enrolled in Forest Reserve Program!

This Property has Superior Potential written all over it!

Marketable Timber! Great whitetail trophy potential in this area! 

Look around the Land in this Video!

 See The Aerials Here!

Watch the short Movie Clip Here!

Property Comes with a camper that is ready for your weekend stays!

  It is really, really hard to find quality smaller parcels that have great hunting potential along with great access, great building site locations and having power and rural water right adjacent to or on the site!  You can have your cake and eat it too with this tract!

Yes -- this property has a couple of areas on the ridges that could be cleared for food plots -- and -- Yes -- these areas would be all but invisible from the road or neighbors! 

Lots of IDNR public state forest hunting land in the immediate area, for plenty of other places to roam -- however, you will have the "ace in the whole" by having your own private retreat for yourself and the whitetails!  From what I have seen, the pressure on the public areas in this area is as light as it gets....very light pressure on many of the public areas in this part of the state, especially during the bow season.

With two big ridges and several drainages all on this one small property there should be lots of rut-time movement of bucks cruising this place -- Check the layout amongst nearby lands.  Tons of great habitat and the bucks won't know the borders during the rut.  This place should hunt like a much bigger parcel!

Call Rich 641-919-9026 to get this one before it slips away! 


Brand New Listing!

*24.25 Acres, M/L Wapello, county (1 mile from Ottumwa!)

Superior Grade Investment Tract -- Killer Goose Hunting Property Too!!!

Priced to sell at just $140,000! Over 80% CSR 79 soils! 

Bringing in $300 per acre in crop rent! That is $7200 per year!

This land could be your land! Pan-flat farm ground showing excellent quality soils and a great return! A TON of Canada Geese fly over this farm along this section of river, year-round too -- so some great prospective goose hunting on this one too!

  Be sure to check out the Soils Data Report compiled specifically for this farm!

Check out the Large Aerial Here!

This according to the Iowa Land Soils Report for 2013:

Land with a CSR of 75 or more has an average dollar price per CSR point of $139 and an average sale price per acre of $11,081, land with a CSR between 55 and 74 has an average dollar price per CSR point of $113 and an average sale price per acre of $7,189 and land with a CSR of 54 or less has an average dollar price per CSR point of $106 and an average sale price per acre of $4,046.

According to soils Data records/Reports on this farm:

 Soils consists of about 83-85% Nodaway Silt Loam soils which are 79 CSR

Soils consist of about 15% Landes Fine Sandy Loam soils which are 29 CSR

According to sales data from 2013 on 450 farms across Iowa, this farm should price out at $242,897 on average statewide for land of this quality according to Iowa Land Sales Report Data. 

Price is only $140,000!

That is a 5.1% return!  Which means you can borrow money at the standard 4+ percent right now and put money in your pocket each month -- after paying the lender -- on this farm! More money coming in than going out makes a whole lot of sense to me and that is why this is a great investment. It isn't easy find land of this quality at this price..in fact it is almost impossible!

Call Rich at 641-919-9026 for more info or to get this farm before it is gone!



Brand New Listing!

64.84 Acres, m/l Davis county Iowa (approximately 4.5 miles SE of Floris, Iowa)

Whitetails and Crop Income!

$227,500 or, approximately $3500/per acre

 Check out the aerial video shot at just 100 feet up in winter 2014! 

Check out the low-altitude aerial above!  Please, keep in mind that while the video shows the for-sale parcel, neighboring parcels are also visible and no borders are represented here.


And -- check out the above video clip for an around the farm, on the ground, look at things:

Here is a really nice hunting/investment tract that would also make an ideal building site!

Lots of whitetails here -- turkeys too -- and trophy potential is very good for a property this size. Surrounded by managed land and/or crop ground,

so the whitetails have not only what they need to survive -- but to thrive!


Examine these features:

  • Great food plot areas (the north end of that middle crop field would be perfect and is hidden from view)
  • Lots of nicely distributed eastern red cedars for super bedding/thermal/sanctuary cover! (I jumped at least a dozen whitetails when I walked it Feb 22, 2014)
  • Year-round really nice stream courses east/west across parcel providing ample water for all sorts of wildlife -- And big deer are going to cruise this stream corridor during the rut on a routine basis!
  • The surrounding properties provide a good mix of cover and food, ensuring that whitetails -- and trophies -- should be abundant on a widespread basis across the area.
  • The farm is laid out well for many stand sites for both morning and evening hunts, taking full advantage of various wind directions 
  • There are multiple sites here to build that dream home -- with power and rural water available along the road.
  • Estimated farm revenue from the estimated 22 tillable crop acres is $3300-$4300 per year -- the farm is set to go into soybeans for the 2014 crop season

Call Rich 641-919-9026 for more info or to see this property.



Brand New Listing!

*17.59 Acres, M/L (courthouse data) Scott County, Iowa. Just 12 Miles from the Quad-Cities!

3/4 mile river frontage!  Check out our maps to see how isolated this tract is!

So many are searching for a smaller tract that hunts HUGE!  Stop the SEARCH!!  YOU FOUND IT!

Low-Down Easy OWNER FINANCING! (you heard me right!)

Simple Owner Financing option with $2500 Down! $380/month! 4.5%! for 10 yr's

Priced at $39,166

If you don't like the monthly payment, or other terms, -- tell us what you would like and we might be able to make it happen for you!

(if you can find another smaller hunting property in Scott county that is cheaper or with better terms, you should buy it immediately!!)

Situated in the heart of some of the wildest and most remote forestland Iowa has to offer!   

Just check out the maps/aerials here and see for yourself!

Check out the Movie Brief Here!

 A super size at a super price! Location, Location, Location! This place offers big woods, giant property hunting on just 17 acres and change!

Access is very limited into most of the vast array of big woods timberland that you see on the map -- making for remote low-pressure hunting on this tract!  Access this parcel is south of the river, off a road along a drainage dike.   A 30 second paddle by kayak straight accross the river takes you to the north side for easy and dead silent entry into the heart of the property!  This is a very effective tactic for sneaking in on bucks!  And don't forget you can kayak up and down the river for duck/goose hunting and/or fishing!  (Words of note: Sportsman's kayaks today are super stable, easy to paddle and haul a lot of weight and gear and paddle like a feather blowing across a pond! They aren't tippy like yesteryear models and in fact one can fish or paddle even standing up! I use one allot!)

This property should hunt HUGE with it's proximity to hundreds upon hundreds of acres of continuous big timber! 

Big bucks cruise through this parcel as they do through all the rest -- not knowing that it is only 17.59 acres -- expect this property to hunt like one many times bigger!  Bucks don't know borders!  And cruising they will come! 

This tract should offer outstanding opportunities for waterfowl -- as the whole region is filled with old wetland areas, sloughs, oxbows, channel cuts, and pot holes. The river itself is a huge flyway for all sorts of migratory birds -- not just ducks and geese. The Mississippi River is just a few miles downstream!

And don't forget : You can fish for walleye, northern pike, channel cat, flathead cat, smallmouth bass, white bass, wipers and more!

Call Rich 641-919-9026 For More Info On This Piece!


Brand New Listing!

13.4 Acres, M/L, Jefferson County (close to Fairfield, Iowa)

You ask for it: You got it! A perfect sized acreage close to Fairfield, Iowa!

Priced at $132,000 


Estimated Monthy payment at 4.25 % APR with 20% down, for 30 yr's, is just $519. .It rents out now for $500 per month or $6,000/yr

Click Here for Large Aerial Views!

Click Here for some inside photos of home!


This property would make a fantastic site to build that country home of your dreams! 

The owner says this property is organic and would make a great place for someone to start up a gardening/market business, raise a few chickens, goats, pigs, horses or whatever you may desire (the present owners have it set up for a few horses). The site appears suitable for wetland establishment too. Establish a wetland and watch the wildlife from your newly constructed home of your dreams! It could all be possible here -- and just a few miles south of Fairfield, Iowa! LOTS of lightly hunted publc hunting land just down the road a couple of miles. Fantastic hunting area, for sure, with lots of giant whitetails coming out of this area of the state! 

The property presently has an older 2 bedroom hoom of approximately 960 square feet. There are some outside storage buildings as well (perfect for protecting livestock from the weather and/or storing feed). The present home is currently rented out and is producing $6,000 per year. Own this property -- for the asking price -- and receive a 4.55% return on your initial investment by renting it out!  That is more money coming in than going out as interest for a standard bank loan! Why not buy? The house is older and does need TLC -- the perfect fixer-upper to convert into a possible home of your dreams! Or build -- buyer's choice! Take a look before it is gone! Call Rich at 641-919-9026


Sale Pending!

Brand New Listing!

10 Acres, M/L Wapello County, Near Ottumwa

Immediately Adjacent Wapello 30 Acre listing below (Would be a great package with that property!)

Priced at $20,000 (less than the cost of a new pickup! What do you think will be worth more in a few years?)

Click HERE for Aerial View (narrow angle)

Click HERE for Aerial View (wide Angle)


Contact Rich at 641-919-9026 for more info on this listing!


Sale Pending!

BrandNew Listing!

30 Acres, M/L Wapello County, near Ottumwa

Priced at $178,000

Very comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bath home overlooking a private 30 Acres of upland woods! Giant Oaks! A Creek! Tons of Wildlife!


What you see is what you get -- a very comfortable 1648 square foot home with very low maintainance in a gorgous park-like setting!

Wildlife definitely abounds here -- Great area for whitetails and turkey and top end-size here on the bucks is as good as anywhere in the state.  This property should hunt large because the timber is connected to a much bigger block and is in the heart of a major creek travel corridor -- year-round water source!

Click HERE to see larger Aerial View!

Click HERE for Pictures!

Here is just some of what this property offers:

  • Low maintainance vinyl-sided 3 bedroom, 2 bath home!
  • On cement slab -- no basement to leak!
  • Steel roof!
  • Very nice deck!
  • LP stove/heater combined with baseboard electric heat
  • LP fireplace
  • Large garage and storage shed
  • Owner-built home!
  • Brand New Septic! (these cost typically $10,000 or so for a home this size)

Call Rich at 641-919-9026 for your private showing of this great property today!



Sold in just 12 Days!

  Brand New Listing!

 34 Acres, Lucas County -- near Williamson  

Price at just $265,000!

34 Acres with Nice 3 bedroom Home and 7 ACRE Lake with Huge Crappies, Bluegills, and Bass! (be sure to check out the photos!)

 Here is one of those GET-IT-BEFORE-IT'S GONE properties!  Whitetails, Turkeys and even Pheasants Here!

Your own private 7-Acre LAKE!!! POSTCARD SETTING!!



 Click Here For Aerial Photo!

Click Here For Pictures!

The House:

Built in 1974 (manufactured home) 

Features hardwood flooring (real, not laminate flooring) and ceramic tile (in kitchen) 

3 bedroom and 1 full bath 

Approximately 1250 sq ft of living space, not including porch or additional enclosed storage room/area of approx. 580 sq feet 

Central Air with electric baseboard heating (individual baseboards in different rooms can be temperature adjusted to personal taste) 

This property also has a seperate garage area and Mortan-style tin building for storage options galore 

Native Prairie is here too!: 

The owner has worked HARD to re-establish native prairie habitat in the form of native oak/savanna type ecosystem.  This is a RARE ecosystem in the midwest anymore and the benefits are incredible wildlife attractiveness to this habitat and a large diverse array of plants and animals using the system -- many types of butterflies and bird species utilize this native habitat that is all but lost and big bucks love bedding in this thick prairie habitat.  Oak savanna makes a superb chasing area just before the rut's peak too!  The owner also established a nice trail system around the property for ease of access.

Here is an incredible property for the $$$!  You can't duplicate this property for the asking price and the setting is as beautfiul as you might imagine! Envision yourself in this comfortable 3 bedroom family home, sipping a choice beverage, in the 3-season screened porch, as the sun drops down over the tree tops, leaving waves of brilliant orangish-red streaks in it's wake -- as a sleek doe and a couple of fawns slip across the backyard, down toward the lake for a sunset sip drink.  That sort of thing happens pretty much daily here -- the view is as good as it gets and native Iowa wildlife are very abundant (deer and turkey are thick -- pheasants are here too).  And who said 34 acres is not enough to shoot a big buck in Iowa?  I'm betting that a guy who hunts this one every year will get a crack at something wearing impressive headgear.  The owner has seen and/or had reports of bucks in the 190 range here.  How is the fishing, you ask?  GIANT crappie -- many crappie in the 13-16 inch range have been and are regualarly taken -- with some crappie up to 17 inches ( yes, you heard me right -- 17 inches!)   Huge bluegill and big bass are common here as well.  It is a fisherman's dream lake!

Give me a call at 641-919-9026 or email rich@iowahabitats.com to set up a time to see this wonderful property before it is gone!





Brand New Listing!

Builder's Home on 40 acres, Van Buren County (near Douds)


These are just a few words that  quickly come to mind when considering this property! This acreage just has it all -- an awesome home in the heart of some of the best whitetail country in the world!

All at a price that could not be duplicated if building from scratch! 

 Priced at just $449,000  NOW -- $437,500!



Come see this great property today! 

Look at this incredible property!   This great home features post-card perfect views of the rolling wooded hills of beautiful Van Buren county, Iowa.  And, this is a builder's home so rest assured this one is built solid from the ground up.  You'll find a main floor master suite in this 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home, with 2 care garage and 2124 sq feet of finished living quarters.   This home has vaulted ceilings in the kitchen with custom built hickory cabinents, a butcher-block island and their is a bay window over the sink for taking in the more views.  The living room features hickory walls, oak flooring and cedar ceilings, brick fireplace and built-in bookcases -- just a few amenities that make this custom built house a glorious HOME.  The builder used Ultra-Touch Cotton insulation througout the home, including all wall and floor spaces.   There is an outdoor wood boiler installed for an alternate heat source to reduce a need for LP gas during the winter months.  Just out the door you will find a heated shot  with 3/4 bath.  And an additional pole building boasting 45 x 30 feet of space.  

 "Relax in the screened in porch with a cup of coffee on a May-day morning, just in time to hear the thunder of the turkeys gooble or with a warm beverage on a cool fall evening, waching the whitetails as they quite literally  tip-toe over the tulips to one of the many food plot option fields near the home." 

This acreage is one to see!  Homes such as this, on land such as this, do not come up fro sale very often!  Come see it before it is gone!  No gravel either -- paved right to the door!

Check out some pictures HERE!

Click HERE For Aerial View (Clickable PDF)

Click HERE for Google Earth Views!

Contact Jen Stever at 641-919-5180 to see this home today!




 New Listing!

solid timber (Appanoose County, Iowa)



Brand New Listing!

Warren County 35 Acres for Sale - 20 minutes from Des Moines! 

Here is that once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase a farm adjoining a huge wildlife refuge (these properties are needle-in-a-haystack finds and are rarely available!)

This property -- though not large -- should hunt huge, as bucks from the adjoining refuge march through care-free during the rut!

Priced at $148,000 

 Warren county Iowa 35 acre parcel showing adjacent refuge location Refuge sign Warren county 35 acre property

Buck from Warren 35 Warren 35 oak and pond image

Click Here for Aerial of Farm!

Click Here For Aerial of Farm (showing adjoining refuge)!

Pictures of Farm -- Click Here!

Check it out:

  • Smaller farm packing a MAJOR punch! – 35 acres with all the right ingredients! 
  • Priced at $148,000: an affordable piece and a unique opportunity to own the RIGHT small farm. 
  • Tucked into some of the best whitetail habitat around and adjoining a 770-acre (that’s right – 770 acre!) wildlife refuge, this property carries the benefits of a MUCH, MUCH larger tract. 
  • The old saying of ‘Location, Location, Location’… really rings true on this one.Rare barely begins to describe the opportunity to own a property conjoining a wildlife refuge in Iowa, let alone one that is less than 20 miles from Des Moines.How often does one get a guarantee of who their neighbor will be, let alone a neighbor that doesn’t allow any bucks to be shot? 
  • Warren County land is very competitive and sought after with its proximity to the Des Moines metro, and the added bonus of great recreational potential is icing on the cake. 
  • Top-notch whitetail genetics, this property will surprise year-end and year-out with an array of antler traits. 
  • Newly established interior food plot – textbook ambush location along an already heavily traveled corridor. 
  • Woodland pond provides a year-round water source to wildlife as well as a fantastic pinch point to catch cruising bucks funneling out of the refuge. 
  • Quality wood producer:One of the most productive walnut sites I’ve seen: a unique scenario created along a spillway for Lake Ahquabi: bottom benches and fertile soils growing tall and clean trees. 
  • A large 100-acre crop field outlines the west boundary – the first destination food source for deer coming out of the refuge.Huge winter attractant and a consistent bachelor pad for bucks in the summer! 
  • Lake Ahquabi and surrounding areas provide a wide array of recreational opportunities outside of whitetail hunting… 
  • o A no-wake, 115 acre lake with a beach 
  • o The Hooper WMA down the road adds another 418 acres of quality public hunting. 
  • o State park offers modern camping facilities, shelters, etc., and all just right around the corner! 
  • To complement the whitetails, this property maintains a very healthy turkey population, and the large Ag field is a popular destination for waterfowl coming off the lake. 
  • Minimal taxes ($220/yr.) as the majority of the property is enrolled in the Forest Reserve program 


· Give Derek a call today at 515-554-0032 to schedule a showing of this one-of-a-kind piece!

Lake Ahquabi links of possible interest:






Brand New Listing!!!

 An Awesome home in Keosauqua, Iowa (Van Buren County)

Small town living at it's finest!

Within minutes of Lacey-Keosauqua State Park, Lake Sugema, and Shimek State Forest!

Priced at $269,000  (It can't be built for even close to that!)      



Tremendous hunting and fishing within minutes of this small town located home! 

Click Here For Home Pictures!

Click Here for Home Info Page! (PDF File)

Click Here for Lacey-Keosauqua State Park and State Forest Info!  (Link to DNR Page)

Click Here for Info on Lake Sugema and Surrounding Wildlife Management Area!  (Map of Area)

This home is perfect for any buyer. With a total of 5 bedrooms your growing family can move right in. Or, with laundry on the main level you can reserve the basement for visiting grandchildren. Van Buren County is known for its premier hunting ground. Use this property as your home away from home while on hunting trips. The interior of this home has been painted with warm, rich colors and the solid wood doors, trim and floors make it even more inviting. Custom hickory cabinets frame the kitchen where there is plenty of space for the cook and family activity. The rear deck boasts beautiful timber views as well as a large, community pond. You will enjoy this very private neighborhood with city amenities but the feel of country living. This property is only seconds from the Des Moines River and 3 minutes from Lake Lacey – Keosauqua State Park. One cannot say enough about the quality and beauty of this home. Call to schedule your private showing today.

Call Sara Today! 641-451-0785 or 641-209-3502 or email sarakelly@iowatelecom.net Home is priced at $269,000





 Featured Listing!

 Brand New Listing!

Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with deck overlooking your very own private spring fed lake!

121 Acres, M/L Wapello county, Iowa (Just 6 Miles from Ottumwa!)

Priced at $497,000

Yes -- you can have your cake and eat it too! This property has it all!

view of lake view of lake from deck of Wapello 120 acre listing side view of home of Wapello 120 acre listing

view of yard with lake in background Aerial view of Wapello county Iowa 121 Acre Parcel view of deer antlers


Huge Bucks and Huge Bass are Here! Turkeys Too!

Click Here for Pictures!

Click Here For Tight Aerial View

Click Here for Wide Aerial View!

Watch the Video Clip (below) showing some of the land and terrain on this great parcel!  (depending on your connection speed you may have to wait a bit to let the video buffer)

Here is your chance to have it All!

  • Thisplace isn't missing a thing.  Very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in very private setting surrounded by hundreds of acres of some of the finest whitetail hunting in the nation!  
  • 121 acres, m/l of mixed timber and meadows with a private spring fed lake and several small ponds. 
  • Approximately 25 acres of CRP paying approximately $2500/yr through 2017 
  • Private spring fed lake!  The lake is spring fed and approximately 40 feet deep and is approximately 9 acres in size (according to the owner).  Stocked with bass, catfish, crappie and bluegill.  
  • Largemouth bass of 8 and 9 lb's have been caught (the Iowa state record is just over 10 lb's so there is a serious chance this pond could produce a state record largemouth!  
  • Trophy Whitetail hunting: The owner isn't a trophy hunter as such but bucks in the 170-200 inch range have been harvested and seen on this property! 
  • The timber features extensive areas of white oak with some areas of cedar (great bedding cover).  The white oak timber will gain significant value over the coming decades. 
  • The owner has built several small ponds above the large main lake fingers to help filter any runoff (to keep the water in great shape) 
  • The owner has built an extensive trail system throughout the property for easy access throughout with an atv or even a 4 x 4 truck. 
  • Small ponds and a slough below the main lake with wood duck houses.  Perfect places to shoot some early season ducks!  (The main lake gets flights of geese stopping by and ducks too) 
  • Contact Rich at 641-919-9026 or email rich@iowahabitats.com to make an appointment to see this beautiful property today! 



 Brand New Listing!

Location, Location, Location!!! Just 40 minutes from Des Moines, Iowa!

Marion Co. 107 acres (Near Knoxville!)

Check out the price on this great piece! $211,325 for 107 acres or $1975 per acre


 trail camera picture of big buck on Marion county 107 acre pacel Aerial photo of Marion 107 acre parcel 


Click Here For Aerial View!

Click Here For Photos!



Here is a property that has been managed for the past 7 years to produce big bucks. And, it is really starting to show it's stuff!


Check out these features:

  • Thick, gnarly cover -- the kind of stuff bucks must have to survive. Ideal security cover! 
  • Oak Ridges -- HUGE bur oaks line the short, narrow, ridges that rise above wooded flats and drainages. Perfect ambush sites to catch cruising bucks during the rut! 
  • Creek Drainages meander through this parcel providing travel corridors and water sources year-round 
  • AWESOME food plots sites -- 3 of them -- to grow lush grains, clovers, turnips, etc., to really hold the local deer and pull in bucks from far-off during the rut and winter seasons! 
  • Lots of natural, native, food sources on this property in the form of low-lying native browse, seasonally abundant acorns, and locust pods for winter deer attraction. 
  • This property is surrounded by cover sources and large crop fields -- The HOME BASE for a large portion of the deer in this area seems to be this property. They should feed in YOUR PLOTS before heading out to the large grain fields at dark to feed at night. 
  • Power and water at the road! 
  • 35-40 minutes from Des Moines! 
  • The owner reports LOTS of buck rutting action during daylight hours -- I can see why after looking at this one -- cover, cover, cover, excellent food sources, water and perfect little openings scattered about for chasing areas. 
  • Want to see LOTS of BIG RUBS? Come look at this property! It's obvious that lots of large caliber bucks spend a lot of time on this one! 
  • Priced at $211,325 or just $1975/Acre! 

Call rich at 641-919-9026 or email rich@iowahabitats.com to see this property today!




How about this great property:

36 Acres m/l, Washington Co. -- 15 miles from Iowa City!

Tons of deer and turkey! Marketable timber!


Now priced at $3650 per acre or $131,400

Huge 220 inch non-typical taken in immediate vicinity in 2006 and another B & C caliber trophy in 2007!

Deer and Turkey are thick here.......

LOTS of Marketable Timber, Too-- A Great Investment! * Full timber inventory growth projection shows 60-85K in markable timber on this parcel in just 5 years!!! If elected to do so, IWHS will show you how a timber harvest will actually improve your hunting!) Let the trees pay off most of your mortgage! *


Click Here For Aerial View!

(This is another excellent deer and turkey hunting parcel in one of the most sought after locations in the state!)


36 Acres M/L of SOLID timber! This parcel is less than 15 miles from Iowa City, Iowa!

 Deer and turkey numbers and size are excellent in this area - you will see P & Y bucks and much bigger here!

  • English river runs right through part of the property! Own river frontage on both sides of the river! (sandbars, duck and goose hunting, as well as excellent catfish, and some great walleye and northern pike fishing as well)
  • Washington, county Iowa near Riverside (and the new gambling casino).
  • Inner-forest clover and turnip plots planned for next year as well.
  • Timber is being managed for veneer quality hardwoods.


Now priced at $3650 per acre or $131,400 call Rich at 641-919-9026 for more info!



Brand New Listing!

Here's that DREAM Smaller Parcel! In the middle of a HUGE block of timber!!!

Davis Co. 20 Acres, M/L (near Blakesburg)

Priced at $66,000 (a bit more than a loaded-out new truck but which do you think will be worth more next year or 10 years from now?)


Click Here For Aerial View!

Pictures to come!

Here is that perfect tract of timber ground that so many of you have been asking for: These are hard to find!

Look at these features:

  • SOLID mature timber -- lots of big beautiful white and red oaks here! 
  • Several ridges to hang a stand on-- and to arrow one of those Giant "Oak Ridge Boys" of fall! 
  • Stocked pond! Yes, this piece has a pond stocked with bass and bluegill. It is very remote and it's fish may have never seen a lure! 
  • Entrance to property is via easement off of county gravel to the north. The easement is level and access is easy (approximately 1/4 mile off gravel) 
  • Property is bordered by large tracts of state forest ground on all sides. HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of acres of big timber all around! 
  • One could clear out a small area on this parcel and create a food plot that should become swamped with deer and turkey! 
  • Area has a high abundance of both deer and turkey and the trophy potential here is good too. 
  • Call Rich 641-919-9026 or email rich@iowahabitats.com for more info or to see the property. 

 Priced at $66,000 Call NOW! 641-919-9026



Brand New Listing!

81 Acres, M/l Wapello County, Iowa (Just 12 miles east of Ottumwa!)


Fantastic mid-sized acreage with Log Home -- Superb and Proven Giant Buck Area!

Click Here For Pictures!

Click Here For Aerial!



Featured Listing!

*#175 Acres, NW Davis County (south of Blakesburg)

Click Here for Aerial!


Brand New Listing!

80 Acres, M/l Lee County, Iowa (just 10 miles, or so, from Keokuk!)

Click Here for Pictures!

Stocked Pond! Big Whitetails! No Road Frontage! Bowhunting Only last 7 years!

Income too!


New Listing!

67 Acres, m/l Monroe county (just south of Blakesburg)



Check out this NEW Listing!

40 Acres M/L, Davis (Near Blakesburg)

Quality Whitetail parcel available for a limited time!



Brand New Listing!

208 Acres, Wapello County (12 miles from Ottumwa)


Click Here For Aerial View!

Get this one before it is gone!


510 Acres, Jefferson and Van Buren Counties, Iowa (Just 7 miles from Fairfield!)

Here is your chance to own your own spectacular whitetail/turkey paradise!


Click Here For More Pictures!

Click Here For Aerial!




Spectacular Trophy Parcel Now For Sale!

314.5 Acres, m/l Van Buren county, Iowa


Click Here For Aerial!

Click Here For Pictures!



Check Out This Awesome Log Cabin!!



Click Here For Pictures!


A True Top-Notch Trophy Parcel!

198 Acres, m/l Wapello county, Iowa(approx 12 miles SE of Ottumwa)


Check this one out! (An Awesome Trophy Buck Farm!)

#200 Acres Monroe County (Near Albia)


Click Here For Aerial!


Great Investment Farm!

 *94 acres M/L Davis and Appanoose Counties, Iowa

Click Here For Aerial!



# 95 Acres M/L Jefferson county, Iowa (7 miles S. of Fairfield)


Click Here For Pictures!



40 Acres, Davis Co. Iowa (NW of Bloomfield)


Brand New Listing!

45 Acres, M/L (Van Buren County)


Brand New Listing!


New Listing!

182 Acres, m/l Henry County, Iowa (approx 7 miles from Mt. Pleasant)



Brand New Listing!

110 Acres, m/l Wapello County, Iowa(approx 12 miles SE of Ottumwa)


*47 Acre Wetland, Wapello Co, Iowa



This Davis Co, 60 Acre Property needs to go Now!! So....

Check out this Great whitetail and turkey parcel!!

*60 Acres, Davis county, Iowa (about 12-14 miles sw of Bloomfield)


Awesome Listing!

#80 Acres, Lee Co., Iowa (near West Point and Fort Madison!)


Timber, some tillable, creeks, end-of-road-seclusion!

Superb Trophy Whitetail Parcel!

Click Here for Pics!



# * Check out this Listing!

97 Acres, Decatur County (5 miles south of Leon)


Brand New Listing!

386 Acres near Birmingham, Iowa

Timber, Tillable, CRP and Trophy Whitetails!


Brand New Listing

80 Acre, Van Buren County, Iowa


Brand New Listing!

170 Acres, Davis Co. (Ottumwa Area)


Brand New Listing!


55 Acres M/L Wapello County, Iowa Adjacent 145 ACRE REFUGE (near Ottumwa)





#76 Acres Des Moines county, Iowa(Just 4 miles north of Burlington!)



200 Acres, Davis Co. Iowa. (10 miles south of Bloomfield)

This is a superb farm with income and great trophy buck potential!







Why should you sell with us?

Give me a call or send me an email with your request for sellers information and I'll give you all the details why you NEED to list with us!




Why should you buy from us?

We sell carefully selected properties in key areas with certain goals in mind, i.e., big buck production, upland birds, turkeys, etc. All IWHS owned properties are managed from top to bottom by us. Remember: we are full-time professional wildlife land managers -- not just someone here to sell you a property! We want to see and help you, if desired, turn your property purchase into the dream wildlife parcel you've always wanted! And there is so much more to trophy buck and wild game management than just food plots!!!! We hope you'll shop around. If you do, you'll notice other properties around the state advertised for as much or more than ours and, by and large, are totally unmanaged. Many are simply a number on a list to a real estate agent. When you buy an IWHS property, you don't get a "plain jane" piece of unmanaged, over-grazed ground off a list, but rather a turn-key hunting and wildlife parcel managed from timber to prairie to food plot! (# sign next to listing indicates that property is an IWHS property)

NOTE: All # listings also designated with **symbols adjacent the listing header are owned and managed by IWHS and come with our FREE extensive, comprehensive, wildlife consulting plan prepared by our staff (includes written plan and video). Iowa Wildlife Habitat Services (IWHS) gurantees, which may be verified by inspection, the aucthenticity of the photos representing it's properties!


$$$Payment Estimate feature is meant for payment estimations only and is in no way a guarantee of actual numbers. However, numbers used are actual from farm data provided to us. Terms/rates used as examples can and do change from lender to lender and depend upon various borrower specific and farm specific factors. However -- numbers given to represent bank loan terms are meant to reflect current market conditions and rates that may indeed to be likely. Further, estimates given are estimates only but are meant to be as accurate and as current as possible to provide a realistic example of probable mortgage expense as related to farm income. Not all payment estimates include real estate taxes. Real estate taxes are included in examples where real estate tax data has been supplied to us. Also note: farm income may be shown as monthly instead of annually in some cases. However, actual payments may occur only on an annual or semi-annual basis. Income may be shown as paid monthly to make an easier comparison to monthly mortgage payments. Also note that annual or semi annual mortgage payments, instead of monthly, are fairly common as well.



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