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Deer/Turkey Feeders
Here is the ultimate no maintenance whatsoever deer and turkey feeder !  Not only that -- it is also an Antler Trap and has a built in trail camera bracket too!    These are really nice all-in-one units.  Of course, you cannot hunt within 200 yards of these things in Iowa!   They are deer magnets -- we use them to hold deer on our properties during gun season and over the winter (helps protect bucks from getting shot on neighboring lands and also encourages them to include the area as part of their home range).  These units are awesom for wintertime trail cam photography, to see what kind of bucks are left for next season!  Plus, there is a good chance some of the bucks will lose an antler or two with the help of our built in Antler Trap!  Check 'Em Out!

Units available to hold up to 1/2 ton of corn or similar feed!!!!

These units are made out of high density polyetheylene material and are very tough and durable!  Feed is totally protected from the elements within the feeder body and under the over-hanging roof at the trough of the feeder.  Unit here is shown with two bungee cords placed at angles from the roof to the deck of the trough.  Many bungee cords can be placed at various angles across the trough opening to encourage bucks at antler shedding time to drop their headgear on the spot!  Note: the trailcamera backet at rear of unit -- place the feeder anywhere and have the perfect spot to hang your trail camera as well -- no searching for that perfect tree that is never in the right spot!  

Unit 1:  pictured below, holds #675 of corn or similar feed.  This is our "standard" unit.  However, we can custom build units to your spec's to hold up to 1,000 pounds of feed!  Units feature a sliding baffle (gate) system to enable different settings for different sized feeds.  No electric mechanisms or batteries to fail with these feeders!  Place them where you want them and fill them with feed and you are set!!!!

Unit 2:  Same as unit 1 only bigger.  This one holds over 1,000 lb's of corn!

Prices:  Unit 1: $550
               Unit 2: $675

email: [email protected] for pricing information today!

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